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Food Microbiology

 From environment to hosts – the diverse niches of bacteria

ASM Vic Branch together with the ASM food Microbiology SIG presented “From environment to hosts – the diverse niches of bacteria” on the 21st of August 2018 at Swinburne University’s Advanced Technologies Centre Lecture Theatre. The program comprised of four outstanding speakers with a main focus in food microbiology and was chaired by Professor Enzo Palombo.

Dr Nuwan Vithanage commenced the session with a fascinating talk on milk spoilage bacteria. Nuwan described the biodiversity of culturable microbiota in raw milk and examples of bacteria that can survive the ultra-high temperature heating regime for up to 10 seconds resulting in milk spoilage. Nuwan’s research has demonstrated that some methods of milk treatment are more effective at removing recalcitrant organisms.

Dr Snehal Jadhav presented some of her work on the application of omics in food safety. She demonstrated the importance of food safety and the use of omics types approaches to detect pathogens in a rapid way. Her study has demonstrated that these techniques are complex and not well developed in the food industry however are can be very powerful.

Dr Caitlin Cooper from CSIRO presented her research on the development of a Salmonella enterica subsp. salamae serovar Sofia colonisation in layer line chickens. This serovar has been shown to be prevalent and almost exclusive found in Australian chickens however is non-pathogenic to both humans and chickens. Caitlin’s successfully developed an infection model with of S. Sofia in chickens and was able to show that as little at 103 CFU was enough to colonies the chickens.

The night concluded with a presentation from Dr Prue Bramwell who gave an overview of teaching undergraduates with technology. Prue has developed her undergraduate teaching with online training videos for students to watch prior to attending laboratory class. She described the implementation of the online material and the positive impact it has had on student learning.

To view the full presentation, please click the following link: hd1-edit.mp4