ASM - Victoria

Working Groups

The ASM Victorian Branch Committee has several ‘formal’ positions such as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Recently, we have added some informal groups into our committee structure. These Working Groups (WGs) will provide a framework to organise events and initiatives for the membership, and the broader Victorian microbiology community. We envisage that the WGs will evolve over time. Information on the current WGs is provided below.

The ASM Victorian Branch Committee continues to strive to advance the science of microbiology in Victoria and to provide value to the membership. If you are interested in any of the events or initiatives organised by a particular WG, or have a suggestion for new ways in which the committee can support the membership, please contact the WG leaders below.

Medical Microbiology | Seema Kanade (WG Leader) | Sarah Baines | Louise Miles

To engage members of the ASM Victorian Branch with expertise or an interest in clinical and academic (research) medical microbiology. At present, this WG organises a recurring event, “News from The Hospitals”, that occurs twice a year (May and October). This event invites medical microbiologists to share their experiences and knowledge with the membership and the wider scientific community. “News from The Hospitals” has been a highly successful event in the Victorian Branch calendar and will continue to be run in the same format. The WG is currently planning the introduction of additional events targeted specifically at the academic (research) medical microbiology membership, in addition to possible events designed to bring both clinical and academic (research) medical microbiologists together.

One Health | Steve Petrovski (WG Leader) | Jacqueline Heath, Christopher Stubenrauch, Mary Valcanis

To promote microbiology research in cross-disciplinary areas including environment, food, veterinary and human health. The WG would like to facilitate events that bring together ASM Victorian Branch members working in diverse areas of microbiology, in order to promote their research and support their professional development. The WG aims to encourage students, researchers and working microbiologists under the broad umbrella of “One Health” to engage with each other and develop a network platform for ASM members within the local community. The WG will aim to organise at least two events annually centred around are current topics of interest within the discipline of microbiology.

Regional Engagement | Chrstine Seers (WG Leader) | Steve Petrovski | Catherine Satzke

Established to encourage and provide ASM members with assistance in the organisation of microbiology-related events, to be held in non-Melbourne metropolitan regions of Victoria. By this means the WG aims to increase opportunities for all Victorian ASM members to enjoy the benefits of ASM membership. The WG has supported the first regional event of 2019, held at Federation University Ballarat and video-linked to the Federation University Gippsland campus. This event was a public presentation by Dr David Wareham from Queen Mary University of London about “Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance: Bench to Bedside and Back Again”. The Regional Engagement WG will be engaging with regional members, institutes, hospitals, companies and the community to support a range of events and initiatives relevant to the microbiology community.

SEEC (Skills, Education, Engagement, Communication) | Jacqueline Heath (WG Leader) | Priscilla Johanesen | Seema Kanade | Karena Waller | Lauren Zavan

To foster the professional development and career support of student, early career and senior members of the Society, including academics, researchers and working microbiologists. Over the coming months, the WG will establish a comprehensive understanding of the professional development (skills and education) needs of the membership. The WG intends to provide seminars, workshops and resources to students, early career and senior members tailored especially for their professional development and career planning. The WG successfully ran an event in April 2019, targeting students and early career members, about “Career Pathways for Scientists”. The WG are busy workshopping ideas for more events and initiatives to be on offer in the second half of
the year, with more information to follow shortly.